Introduction of our thesis: “Development of an optimized low cost solar boiler”

“According to recent data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energies amount to almost 29% of the total primary energy supply in Latin America.”

One would think this number looks impressive, but it can be misleading. Latin America is a region with a great potential for renewable resources, but they are dependent on one specific resource: hydro.  Due to many complications, like the way energy and development policies have been constructed, solar and wind energy are less successful. This gap has to be filled to overcome the dependence on one resource.

In collaboration with Humasol vzw this thesis project was started. Humasol vzw is a fourth pillar organization, run by former students of the university of Leuven, which focuses on sustainable energy projects in emergent countries. Humasol has already implemented seven solar boiler – projects over the past years. The main objective of the last project was designing a solar boiler as cheap as possible and reducing the complexity. Our thesis is a sequel on that last project and can be defined as the optimization of this boiler considering cost and efficiency.  Afterwards the improved design will be built in La Cascarilla, Peru.


4 thoughts on “Introduction of our thesis: “Development of an optimized low cost solar boiler”

  1. deckersbram says:

    Seems like an interesting project you guys are working on!

    I was wondering if the boiler and it’s components, when your design is finished, will be build here in Europe and shipped to Peru or will it be build in Peru with components bought local company’s and thus supporting the local economy?

    • The solar boiler will be built in Peru with local materials and components. But building a cheap cholar boiler in Peru isn’t the main goal. When local people see that the cheap design actually works, the knowledge will be spread to other villages by itself, and this is the main term goal. So our purpose is to pass our knowledge to local people about building a cheap solar boiler with local objects and show them that the design works. This is how sustainable humanitarian help can be be done. More about that in our next post about the relavence of our thesis.

  2. gabuglio says:

    The company you are working for, do they also design windfarms? And is it possible to design a windfram in a country like Peru similar to the one was build in front of the coast of Zeebrugge in Belgium in 2010?

    • woutcordeel says:

      I think we didn’t make very clear what kind of company Humasol is. Humasol vzw is an organization which is specialized in setting up small projects to help local communities in areas lack of basic needs. I’m talking about providing hot water for a small school by a solar boiler, electricity in a field hospital solar panels or a small windmill…

      They already designed a cheap concept for a windmill but because students have to construct for example a windmill in six weeks with some local partners, there is not enough time and money to set up whole windfarms.

      Because Humasol only does projects for a small group of people, building a large windfarm near the coast doesn’t match with their vision. Thus, they don’t have any experience with building such a large project, so I can’t really answer your last question.

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