We need a new global framework

In 2000, the UN Millennium Declaration expressed a new rights-based vision for a better world. Eight goals were set up, such as reducing poverty rates, reducing child mortality and improving education.


But these goals end in 2015 and a new framework on sustainable development needs rights rather than needs. A ‘rights-based approach’ that puts the well-being of people at the center.

The main reason is the following: poverty is not just a phenomenon among developing countries, there is a worrying trend of increasing inequality all over the world. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) left out many important issues from its list of goals. Issues such as climate change, human rights abuses, insecurity and conflict and social inequality due to gender, age or ethnicity are quite simply missing.
As mentioned before in an earlier blog ‘development’ involves much more than just ‘aid’. Other areas such as trade, agriculture, innovation, peace and security are essential.

The Millennium Development Goals were developed in a way that did not involve people’s participation, only powerful governments and grateful receiving government.  If the post-MDG framework is to be truly global, then more actors such as local communities need to be involved in the process. This will mean the future goals will benefit from greater, wider and deeper insights from a much broader group, especially those directly affected by poverty and social injustice.

The private sector needs to be in included in these decisions because this sector, such as Humasol, plays a key role in shaping involvement of the local community, employment, …


One thought on “We need a new global framework

  1. deckersbram says:

    I also believe that this is the way to go to make this world a better place for everybody. It seems to me that the milleniumgoals kind of underestimate the problems and kind of have an idea that the rich country’s would have a “quick fix” for all these problems without properly cooperating with all the stakeholders. I do believe that we should try to accomplish all of the 8 goals, but I think that they should have approached it the way you propose in your blog.

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