Has development aid had its time? (PART 2)

Paper: http://www.mo.be/sites/default/files/MO-paper59_EindeHulp.pdf

*Debate: http://www.vvob.be/vvob/nl/nieuws/ontwikkelingsdebat-heeft-ontwikkelingshulp-zijn-tijd-gehad?q=nl/node/3003

M. Leroy speaks about internationalizing, but he means cooperation (he doesn’t use it because it is already meaningful). He claims that we don’t have to learn a fisherman to fish but that we have to fish with him.  But I think that we already have to fish with him when we want to learn him how to fish? And secondly, the step of learning the fisherman how to fish isn’t finished yet! M. Leroy claims that the government has to support and guide the initiatives of individuals. But I think this could lead to more privatization of development aid/cooperation. The problem is that it is a part of the aid-industry in which one look too much to the input and not to the realizations (and also the ‘good jobs’ matter, see previous post).

M. Leroy pleads for a large social debate (not the one above*) about internationalization, this includes not only development cooperation but also trade, financial regulation, agriculture, human rights, democracy, etc. In the debate they talk about this bigger context but we won’t go any further into this matter of bigger context like. I agree that development is also about dignity, rights in social communities and political situation but we will keep our focus on primary needs and leave the bigger context to people who have more knowledge about these things.

“The goal of development is increasing the ability of people to live the live that they value themselves. Poverty is more than lacking material resources, it is lacking the ability. But actually it is not about development any more it is about working together (cooperation), exchanging en confrontation about needs.”

There are still a lot of people who lacking basic needs! So development will be still the most important goal, but M. Leroy means that the approach should be in the way described above. There are also a lot of things that have to be considered as well like human rights and world trade/economy, this can all be brought together under the term internationalization. One can have an opinion about all this matters but I think you should leave the discussion of the different  matters to the experts .


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