Reduction development budget EU

According to recent numbers of the financial framework of 2014-2020, 9.3 billion euros will be retrenched to compensate the ongoing financial crisis. Van Rompuy, President of the European council, proposed this some days ago on the European meeting in Brussels about the financial framework.

With the proposal, the objective of the European engagement to spend 0.7% GNP on sustainable development cooperation by 2015 will not be achieved.

This is a bad deal concerning the growing problems such as the effects of global climate change, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, the rising food prices and prices of raw materials. The European Commission’s verdict on this is the following:  Europe has to realize they share responsibility for those problems and has to help tackling these challenges.

What is your opinion? Was it a wise move to cut this budget which probably has little influence on solving the global crisis?


3 thoughts on “Reduction development budget EU

  1. jefhimself says:

    On the other hand, the R&D budget will be increased to 3% of GDP. One could hope for that to have a positive effect, perhaps even directly involving groups of people/areas in countries that otherwise would’ve gotten more development aid. So, if they’re cutting development aid, I would like to see that reflected in the policy making to come with that R&D budget.

    That’s just a thought though. I consider myself too uninformed on the matter to form a valid opinion on this.

  2. deckersbram says:

    9.3 billion seems like really a lot of money, but in I think in a European context this budget is not that large, to solve the crisis by only cutting in this budget seems to me to be a drop in the ocean.

    But I assume that the development budget is not the only budget that has been cut, so I believe that to solve the crisis economize on many different domains is certainly not a stupid idea.

  3. tijlcrauwels says:

    This is certainly understandable as you see budget cuts in every sector. It’s definitely a shame that this has to happen.

    According to these numbers, the budget would be about the same as the last MFK, so if they can increase the productivity of the aid. They can still achieve a lot more than the last 6 years. So I think the main goal should still be like you said in previous articles to change where the money is going to and how the aid is given.

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