The use of the economic crisis to focus on efficiency

In the following blogs we make a small recapitulation of our previous blogs and a comparison of opinions of different persons about some topics.

On account of an interview with Bieze Van Wassenhoven, employee of Studio Globo and expert on development cooperation, I read the conversation between MO magazine and Belgian minister of development cooperation Jean-Pascal Labille.

Mr. Van Wassenhoven gives workshops at pupils in secondary schools about climate change, food certainty and development cooperation. He also works with teachers and management about sustainability. In the past, he worked as a volunteer in Cambodia and Senegal.

Mr. Labille gives his take on the vision of the future development policy and the impact of the savings of development cooperation. Check following link!

The Belgian law indicates that 0.7% of GDP has to be invested in development cooperation. But due to the economic crisis, enormous savings concerning this budget were made by the government, especially in 2012 and 2013. The decline is alarming but Labille thinks we should use this economic crisis to focus on more efficiency and effectiveness of development programs.

Some examples:

  • Mr. Labille refers to the Belgian help in Uganda to develop the health sector by investing money in the support of the government’s own action plan. That way, they make themselves responsible of the execution, while Belgium still invest in policy dialogue and strong agreements about the control of the use of medicines.
  • Nowadays the government prefers that multilateral organizations themselves may decide which project will be supported financially and the Belgian government deliberately chooses to finance nothing but the general functioning.

What do you think about the efforts made by the government?


One thought on “The use of the economic crisis to focus on efficiency

  1. deckersbram says:

    I like the fact that he considers the economic crisis and the decline in money as a challenge to be more efficient and not as a problem to complain about and immediately say that it is impossible.

    I think the efforts from the government might be a good idea, by supporting organizations or other governments you support their idea’s and help them to execute those ideas. But by only investing in the general functioning you encourage the organizations and governments to very much think about their projects. You don’t create a situation where they in a manner of speaking get a pot of gold to spend on a project and create the situation where money is no problem and it can be spend without properly looking for the most efficient solution.

    I think with this approach from our government a lot of money can be saved.

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