The importance of politics and economy in post-MDG-framework

This is a post about the different opinions on the future of the Millennium development goals, which I quoted earlier on this blog.

Currently the different governments are having a debate about the continuation of the international developing framework on account of the ending of the period about the Millennium development goals (MDG’s).

According to Mr. Labille special attention needs to be paid to the quality aspect of the projects, for example education, and one must consider more than ever the real impact in the field.

E.g. one should not build schools in regions where there is lack of teachers. Instead, they should finance the local education department to give them the opportunity to provide better training of the teachers.


The post-2015-framework should comprise the Millennium goals as well as the goals for sustainable development. The financial, economic, social and ecological policy should be evaluated systematically on the consequences for sustainable development.

Mr. Leroy has the same opinion:
“I speak of a term ‘internationalization’ which incorporates not only development cooperation but also world economy, trading, politics… People often don’t see the bigger picture.”

The influence of politics and the economy is mentioned as well by Mr. Van Wassenhoven:

“The feedback that is necessary for a sustainable society is only possible if there is basis. First you need a local basis but later you need the politics to achieve something national. The local basis is just to give a signal to the politics.
Social, economic, political and hygienic aspects are all important to succeed in good development cooperation, but it is the economy which is the basis of it all. It is very important that the economy is redistributive.”


3 thoughts on “The importance of politics and economy in post-MDG-framework

  1. deckersbram says:

    Certainly with the economic difficulties and challenges we and the world are facing now, I also believe that it will be very important to create development aid wich includes this big picture of economy, politics,…

  2. tijlcrauwels says:

    I also read or heard something about madonna building 10 schools in Malawi, and the president said that madonna had no idea if malawi actually needed the schools where they were built. This kind of shows that for a lot of people it’s just to get the feeling of doing good, instead of the actual result.

  3. gabuglio says:

    Hehe I get Tijl’s frustration about the Madonna thing.. What she did or is planning to do is just a show act to get attention of the world. But I don’t think this gesture can be generalised. I think the professional organisations don’t invest the money in a blind way. And it would be better of Madonna (and other rich benefactors) to invest the money in a decent and useful way.

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