World Future Energy Summit

Last week I read an article about a new solar-energy central in Abu Dhabi. I found this interesting, because normally when you think of these places, you think about oil, and oil sheiks etc.

So after searching the web regarding Abu Dhabi and renewable energy, I stumbled upon the website of the World Future Energy Summit (WFES). According to their website: “The WFES Exhibition is an international business platform that connects project owners and solution providers to investors and buyers from the public and private sector.”

Seeing that countrys like Abu Dhabi invest in renewables just shows the importance and the economical factor it can play in the next decades.

–> The Website <–

Another article about WFES shows how they are the world leading country on renewables research. But due to the neglectible prizes of oil their carbon footpint is super high. So where they flourish in research, they fail miserably in actually using it. The article has lots more interesting facts.


3 thoughts on “World Future Energy Summit

  1. gabuglio says:

    I find this post highly remarkable but yet very interesting!
    Like you and I think al of us nobody excpecteded this from a country like Abu Dhabi that is known for his high skyscrapers and implanted islands.

    The fact that they are doing research about it show indeed the importance of renewable energie.

    But like you said they don’t use it because they are overwhelmed by the oil-money.
    But this doesn’t mean we can’t do anything with their research.
    I think we can co-operate with their researchers in the development of new beter techniques especially because they have the resources for the research.
    And maybe in time they wil notice that a part of their consume can be replaced by renewable energiesources.

  2. tijlcrauwels says:

    Well, the ‘good’ thing is that a country like Abu Dhabi isn’t so rich in oil anymore. So they will have to search for alternatives, and I think this is their preparation for when they run out.

  3. gabuglio says:

    But do you think they are interessted in opening the debat yet?
    Because I can imagine that they have many more resources than we do? And that they will only start intensive research, like we are doing now, when their resources are almost finished.

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