Cancer detecting micro-chip

Hi guys,

Apparently today I am in a very inspiring mood so here is another post about micro-chips in de medical section.

The purpose of my posts is to make you aware of the wider application area of micro-chips.
With this statement I mean that micro-chips are not only usefull to make your computer go faster, to have a smaller of thinner smartphone,…

No micro-chips can also be used to save peoples lives!

The link below is the article that I am posting about.

It is about a micro-chip that can determinate cancer and tells in wath stadium the cancer is evolved.
I chose this article because in my family there is someone who is suffering from cancer and I see the misery and problems from the first row. That’s why I find this article especially interesting and I want to share it with you.

Thanks to this micro-chip the doctor can be advised when the cancer becomes active and it shows how much damage it already caused to the body.
This all without the complicated examinations that a cancer patient has to undergo these days. Like I said, I’ve seen in from nearby and it is not nice.
It goes from numerous blood tests, PET-scans, other blood tests,… and it takes forever to get the results of the tests. Especially when you are the patient.
This is one of the advantages.
The biggest advantage though is that the cancer can be determinate without the specific tests and that they can directly aply the right treatment.
I speak again about the example of my family. The cancer there was detected ‘by accident’ when doing a small operation. This was a like we say in Dutch ‘geluk bij een ongeluk’ becaus if the small operation wasn’t done maybe the cancer was never determined or determined to late and the person I am talking about wasn’t here anymore.
I am sure that you may all know someone who hasn’t been this lucky and when the doctors discovered the cancer it was already to late.

I hope that this kind of stories can make you aware of the importance of research of using the technology of today in the medical industrie.

Thanks you for your time.


4 thoughts on “Cancer detecting micro-chip

  1. deckersbram says:

    Sorry to hear about your family member.

    A question I have is on when this microchips will be implemented in the human body, in the future will it be like when you are born you get a chip or if they detect that you have cancer they implement it and then they check your parameters with use of the chip?

  2. gabuglio says:

    That’s a good question on which I honestly don’t have the right answer but rather an hypotesis.

    I don’t think this will be implemented when you are born unless the parents ask it. I think it will be more likely that people whose family members have been diagnosed with cancer in the past will be able to ask to implement the microchip as precaution.

  3. tijlcrauwels says:

    Also sorry to hear about the misfortune of your family member.

    I had a question about the durability of such a chip or any chip implanted in a human body for that matter. Once planted inside your body, can it stay there for the rest of your life? What happens when it malfunctions, or pieces break off? Is it possible that the human body reacts negatively to such a chip (like you see in donor implants)?

  4. gabuglio says:

    Very good question as well on which I unfortunately haven’t got the right answer.
    I searched on the internet to the things you said but can’t find any of the possible problems and their solutions.

    My personal opinion:

    When the chip is installed it is installed for the rest of your life. First of all because you are never 100% cured of cancer. Secondly I think it would be very costly to remove the chip and I don’t see the reason why you should remove it if it’s not doing any damage or inconvenience.

    When using a system, whether it is a chip, a reactor, a windmill, … There is always a possibilty that it malfunctions or that there is a defect.
    I think the reason that those chips aren’t in ciruculation yet is because there is still some research to minimize those risk. The same applies for a negative reaction of the body. However with advanced technology this can be investigated previous to the implant of the chip.

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