Micro-chip medication

Hi everybody,

In my quest of a new topic to blog about I found a very interessting article about the application of micro-chips. The content is again medical related.

The article is about the RFID microchip. Briefly explained: it is a very small micro-chip that is incorporated in medication to control or check the how the patient takes his medication and to supervise on the effect of medication and the patients health.

Here is the link to the article: https://sites.google.com/site/ncfaktueel/fda

Here you can see a picture of the size of the chip:


I find this a very good invention in very different and helpfull ways.

Most of the people don’t like to take medicines and when they have to take the medicines they often take them irregularly of stop taking them before they really begin to help. With this RFID micro-chip this will not be done onobserved anymore. Your doctor will be aware that you aren’t taking you medication the right way and he can show you the risks.

This can be very helpfull for example in the case that you somebody who is close to you is an addict or has a serious problem and he doesn’t want to face it. So you obligate him to go to the doctor. The doctor then prescribes him the medication but after one week the patient stops taking the medication. Now using this RFID micro-chip you can control the patient and help him to carry on taking his medication.

An other example is for the people who forget to take their pills it is a handy way to set a reminder. Like stated in the article you can connect the micro-chip with your smartphone and then your smartphone gives you a reminder. For example the women who take birth control pills. A lot of them get in trouble because they take it irregularly because they simply forget. Thanks to the chip inside the medication they can get a reminder that they have to take it.

An example of the use of the chip is stated in the article below:

It also shows the use. In this example you don’t have to take the medicin yourself but the micro-chip gives it to you.

What do you guys think of this invention and evaluation?

One question that rised up in me is; is this type of medication ethically correct? Because it’s like stated in the article: “Big Brother is watching you”.
You can find a critical article on the link below:


5 thoughts on “Micro-chip medication

  1. deckersbram says:

    The idea behind this application is very useful, certainly in the combination with your smart phone to help you remember to take your medicins. But however I also get a Big Brother feeling from it. A doctor’s job is to advise me on wich meds I should take or wich actions I should take to feel better, but I believe it is not his job to supervise me and control me if I actually took the medicins. I believe that to be the choice of the patient, off course there are some exceptions like with mentally ill people, …

  2. tijlcrauwels says:

    I’ve got a similar opinion as Bram. However not because of the Big Brother feeling, but just the feeling that it’s your own responsability to take your own medication.
    Like Bram sais, if you’re mentally ill, or have a medical reason which prohibits you from taking your meds like you should, someone should help you with this. But as there aren’t enough doctors as it is, I think this is to much of a trivial and timeconsuming job for them to do.
    An easier way is just using some sort of alarm that makes you take your own medication. No human help needed, and probably as effective as such a chip. (as example: http://www.epill.com/organizer.html).
    The point you make about addicts not wanting to face their problem and therefor not taking their meds is a good one though. I think this chip can help them, but I still think it’s more the job for someone in a rehab facility or something, to check wether or not he is taking it.

  3. gabuglio says:

    Bram and Tijl, I get your points and I share your opinions. That’s why I putted the question in my post.
    However, if we change the supervisor from the doctor to a (close) family member. What will be your opinion in this case?
    The point of the micro-chip is to control if a patient took the medication and not just as a reminder.
    I’ll take an other example which I did myself when I was a little boy.

    I was like 7-8 years old and I hated taking pills so when I had to take them I faked to swollow and kept them under my tongue. When I opened my mouth my parents couldn’t see the medication and afterwards I spitted it out.
    Now if I was a little boy with this kind of micro-chip I couldn’t fool my parents.

    It must also be said this kind of micro-chip is not mandatory but just for help. So if you really don’t want to have it you don’t have to.

  4. tijlcrauwels says:

    I can see the benifits, and for addicts and people with problems taking their medication it could be a good solution.
    It probable will be a question about cost, if they can make it so cheap that you don’t really see a difference, I think it has potential. But if you have to pay a substantial amount, I think I would rather check their mouths twice and like you said, under their tongues ;-).
    Still shows us again how technology is advancing on every level, and gets me excited to what we will have in 5 to 10 years.

  5. gabuglio says:

    That’s true. The cost of advanced technology will always be decisive.
    It is indeed exciting to see or to think about what we will have in 5 or 10 years because when I was that little boy who hid the medication under his tongue I couldn’t imagine that I would find something that could get my 7 year old kids get busted :D.

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