Energiewende in person

Just returning from a trip to Berlin, I thought it was interesting to share some of the experience that have to do with the energiewende.

First thing that caught the eye was the enourmous amount of windmills you see when driving from one point to another. This might have been a coincidence. But in just a 4 hour bus drive I think I saw more windmills than I’ve seen in Belgium. Failing to find someone who took a picture of this (I forgot my camera), I searched for a similar picture on the internet.


For about an hour or so the scenery was nothing but this. I thought it was pretty impressive and showed how it affects daily lives, and everyone is probable aware of the situation.

Second thing were the solar parks, I hadn’t seen any big solar park yet, but in Germany, we drove across 2 quiet large ones in a few hours. Another impressive fact in my opinion.

Third something more subtle, but I thought was very interesting as well, were glued ‘protest’ posters that were encouraging the Energiewende and discouraging nuclear power. I came across a few of these and thought it also showed that the idea of renewable energy is much bigger and wider spread than in Belgium. Where a lot of people know about subsidies you can get for solar panels on your roof, but not much more.

Anyway, this was just a little update and again appologies for the lack of photos which make this less informative. But I’m sure Bram, Wout and Korneel are going to agree that it’s a big difference compared to Belgium.

In Berlin we also went to the ‘Technik Museum’, where we took some photos about the windturbine section. After going through them, and if they seem interesting enough I might write a blog about this as well.



3 thoughts on “Energiewende in person

  1. deckersbram says:

    I surely must agree here, the public debate in Germany is much more open and the public opinion towards the energiewende is certainly positive. I kinda got the feeling that people were more involved and reflect more about going non nuclear and how it affects their country, their lives and their role in Europe.

  2. gabuglio says:

    The picture you posted is nice as well :). It must be really impressive and very interesting for your blog to see it in person.

    I found the protest posteres very remarkable and interessting. In my opinion this shows the mentality switch that the Germans are achieving. Because I think in the beginning they wer against ‘die Energiewende’?

    Maybe if this mentality switch can be achieved in whole Europe, the US and China renewable energy can take a big step forward.
    Although I keep my opinion that I don’t think it is possible that the only energy source can be renewable energy.

    • tijlcrauwels says:

      I’ve been thinking about the posters as well. It can mean that the general mentality is switched, which I hope it means. But it could also mean the opposite, that they feel the need to post posters, because nobody likes the idea of ‘the energiewende’.

      As renewables are, i’m pretty sure that it will not be the only energy source. But looking forward 20 years, there may be technologies that can harvest huge amounts of energy in a renewable way.

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