General consensus on the Blog

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for their cooperation and astute discussions.

Secondly I think it was very interesting to see the different opinions. As we are all engineers, I’d like to think we are all informed to a certain degree and found it hopeful that we all had the same consensus about renewable energy.

The general consensus (In my opinion)

Renewable energy is needed, and a big part of the future. Investing and researching new ways and more effective ways to harvest energy in a clean way will be a big part of the future (economicly, environmentally, socially, …). 100% renewable energy might not be for tomorrow, but steadily going away from fossil fuels was agreed by everyone I think. I also found it interesting that some of the issues in our blog, were recognisable in the ‘Solar Boiler’ blog. Such as equity, administrative delays, politics and of course we also saw that the financial crisis has a nasty habit on causing problems everywhere.

As for nuclear energy, there were some mixed opinions on whether or not to abandon it and go 100% renewable, or invest in cleaner and SAFER ways to use nuclear energy.

Thirdly I hope we can look back in 5-10 years to this blog and think about the progress that has been made. The pauverty that has been resolved, the Perpetuum Mobile that has been discovered, Robots that clean our houses and bake pancakes and Microchips that save our lives.

For the Solar Boiler team, good luck in South-America, and hopefully you can help a lot of people there! I think that you guys are doing a good thing,  at no personal benefit to yourselves.


3 thoughts on “General consensus on the Blog

  1. woutcordeel says:

    I agree with your well formed conclusion Tijl!
    Thank you, we are really looking forward to this collaboration.

  2. deckersbram says:

    I can also agree with your general conclusion and I also would like to thank everybody for reading our blog!

  3. gabuglio says:

    The same here, it was a pleasent experience!

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