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Follow up on the debate

Hi everybody,

I was very pleased to read all your opinions on the nuclear debate. I think we can agree that we are all kind of on the same page.

As a conclusion I would like to state that we feel an abrupt switch to renewable energy would be mistake.  The evolution should be gradual and measures should be taken to guarantee a steady energy supply, the use of nuclear plants for their full intended lifespan should help providing in this need.  Also in the future it might not be the best idea to fully concentrate on renewable energy but that can change depending on the evolution of the technology in the future.

I hope this kind of sums up the global opinion.

As a follow up question I would like to ask you whether you think that the German energiewende is a good idea?

If you need some extra information to form your opinion you can check one of our earlier blogs and I  also found an article with has a critical view on the subject.


Based on the article I’m inclined to say no. The article creates an image of a decision that has been taken way to quick without enough planning.  The cost of the operation seem to be going trough the roof and the infrastructure isn’t ready for this at all.  Eventually it will be the German people who will have to pay the higher prices.

Nevertheless I admire the courage of Germany to make this decision and sticking to it (not all country’s follow their promises that strictly, think about Kyoto and “buying clean” air), I just think that how this change is accomplished could be done better and maybe they had to give themselfes some more time.

Let me know what you think!

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